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Divorce can be a complicated and painful process. I have had extensive experience in contested matters and I am dedicated to making the process as easy as possible. I will be with you every step of the way. Let my law office help you start your new life today.

Child Custody

In cases of divorce, the courts determine what is the best interest of a child. It’s important to have an experienced lawyer by your side to represent your interests in the process.

Advance Planning

With today’s blended and mixed families, planning for the unexpected is one of the most important issues in family law. A prenuptial agreement, properly drafted, can save both parties untold grief if there is to be a divorce. Frequently, there are issues that the parties have never discussed.


Unfortunately, sometimes the parent responsible for child support fails to meet their obligations. These are matters that can be enforced through the court system, collecting past due payments. Sometimes the conflict arises over visitation. I am also well versed in enforcing court-ordered visitation.

High Net Worth and Business Divorce

The division of high value property in a divorce is one of the more complex aspects of ending a marriage. I am experienced in guiding clients through the division of property phase of a divorce, be that a family owned business, valuable accumulated community property, or tracing separate property out of the mix.


Divorce decrees apply to the circumstances of the parties and their children at the time of the divorce. But family situations change over time. Children get older and may decide they’d rather live with the other parent. The party paying child support may have a change in circumstances, making more or less money, upon which child support is calculated. These are situations that I handle every day to the satisfaction of my clients.


OUR Mission & VISION

The mission of Jerri Hardaway PLLC is to serve as a leader in the field of Marital and Family Law, enabling our clients to reach constructive long term outcomes.  We are committed to satisfying the unique objectives of each client by providing solutions customized to individual needs.

Our vision is to assemble a client centric staff of legal professionals who provide advice and counsel in a result oriented environment.  We strive to be the standard for excellence in the field of dispute resolution.



Jerri Hardaway

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Jerri Hardaway is the attorney-in-charge of the Houston Law Offices of Jerrilyn Hardaway, PLLC. She has practiced law for over 25 years, and is experienced in both family law and civil trial law. Jerri puts her client’s needs first. She knows that a well-planned strategic approach is a necessity in complex family law cases. Finally, Jerri believes in thorough, exacting preparation for court. She assembles her team and determines her strategy for each case with these principals in mind.

In preparing herself and her clients for the rigors of any complex property or child custody case, she prepares for war, but looks for opportunities for peace. Jerri knows the law and is ready to use it to fight for her clients but will also help them settle differences amicably whenever possible. Jerri has spent her entire legal career in Houston and the surrounding areas, and is experienced in all types of family law, but Jerri’s focus in recent years is on complex asset cases and contested divorce cases, utilizing her sub-speciality of electronic discovery and computer forensics.

Jerri has both experience and has the accolades to prove it. She has first-chair trial experience, including jury trials, and has successfully handled cases through the appellate process. Jerri is a member of the Family Law Sections of the State Bar of Texas and the Houston Bar Association.


Jerri did her undergraduate work at Texas A&M University and earned her Juris Doctorate in 1993 from The University of Houston School of Law. She is also a Certified E-Discovery Specialist.


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